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We love being in the core of great things. Especially when those great things are tech events, have a huge impact and gather hundred of the most talented software developers in Sofia for 2 days. IO Era had the opportunity not only to participate, but also to make the event possible, together with the primary organizer - our friends from Strypes. The event happened during the weekend on 1st and 2nd of October and 25 teams were hacking for the future.

Last month we participated in the Django meetup organized by the Django Bulgaria group. A few people had the chance to present to the community about various topics related to Django development. Jordan, from IO Era had the opportunity to speak about Django, and what you should (not) optimize. The presentation, the discussion, and the event were great, and we would like to share a few aspects in the blog post.

Last week (15th of May) IO Era organized the first Meteor gathering in Sofia. The event was structured as a workshop, where we briefly introduced the audience to the benefits of using Meteor for reactive application development. During the workshop we introduced the community in Sofia to the platform, explained about the architecture, developed sample application and everybody was able to try Meteor in practice.